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CoD: Wie es sein sollte

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Ich hatte mir schon vor einiger Zeit überlegt, mal zusammenzutragen, wie ich mir das nächste Call of Duty vorstelle. Vielleicht habe ich noch etwas wichtiges vergessen, dann dürft ihr mir das gerne mitteilen. Da ich das später auf Steam stellen möchte, gibts den Text vorerst nur auf englisch:

Call of Duty: How it should be.

In the following you read my wishes for the PC MULTIPLAYER of future Call of Duty games. In my opinion Call of Duty (4): Modern Warfare was the best game of the series. So I take this one as the measure of all things.
What I dislike most in the recent CoDs is the bad console port and the "babies-first-shooter-like" feeling.

What I would like is this:

-a reliable anti-cheat like TAC (cheaters are the biggest fun and game killers)
-no FPS-lock (90 fps feels so bad if you are used to more)
-no aim assist for controllers (aim assist is unfair in any 1v1 situation! it is like to play against a cheater)
-no specialists or any other source of a guaranteed kill (lvl1 kills a prestigemaster with a simple click...sure!)
-dedicated servers* by 3rd party hosters with hick tick rate support (you determine where and what to play)
-huge server customization options without losing ranked status (like procon in BF4)
-full accessible ingame console (there are so many options to adjust to your favors)
-modding tools from day one (mods make a shooter to a long living shooter)
-no pay to win/no weapon enhancements through any kind of randomness (nobody should be able to enhance gameplay through ingame or real money, rather than skill)
-no season pass/no extra payment for DLC (nearly nobody plays DLC, so it is wasted money)
-more small maps/less big maps (this is CoD, not BF!)
-8v8 players as standard (6v6 is too small for most maps in BO3/IW)
-theatre mode (to make movies and more)
-a clear and self-explaining menu (menu in BO3 is like a maze, menu in MW1 is good)
-menu optimized for mouse and keyboard (make all options accessible by mouse and keyboard allone, get rid of the ugly console button overrides)
-freely adjustable mouse sensitivity (input as digits)
-raw mouse input (your crosshair does, what your mouse does)
-freely adjustable FOV 60-120 (should be so simple to implement)
-no babies first shooter like weapons/better weapon balance (akimbo, burst snipers, auto shotguns and all stuff like that)
-no thermal sights (too easy to see an enemy)
-performance optimizations for both AMD and GForce cards
*would include freely adjustable map-rotation, weapons/attachments/perks/streak bans, player bans, lobby size, mods,...

by -WS-Maki16

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